Buy a Mobib card


Are you looking to buy a MOBIB card?

You can buy one in one of STIB-MIVB's physical shops called BOOTIK (present in major metro/tram/bus stations) or by using the online tool MyBOOTIK.

A MOBIB card costs €5 and has a validity period of 5 years as from the date of purchase. After this validity period, your MOBIB card has to be renewed.

There are two types of MOBIB cards:

  1. Personal MOBIB card: this card is registered on your own name and allows the charging every type of ticket (including season and nominative tickets). You can therefore not lend this card to anyone else.
    • To purchase a personal MOBIB card, don't forget your electronic identity card (eID). If you don’t have an eID or if you'd like to use another picture than the one on your eID, make sure you bring another identity picture.
  2. Basic MOBIB card: this card is anonymous. You can only load transport tickets (not nominative or season tickets). The MOBIB Basic card is anonymous, so you are free to lend it to a third party.  
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