MOBIB card


The MOBIB card is a rechargeable card that provides a single medium for the transport tickets of the four Belgian public transport operators (STIB-MIVB, SNCB-NMBS, De Lijn and TEC).

For the moment, the Skipr app only allows you to charge STIB-MIVB tickets on your MOBIB card. If you want to buy an SNCB-NMBS or a De Lijn ticket in the app, you can do so by launching a search and selecting the respective result.  

There are two types of contactless cards:

  1. The personal MOBIB card: this card can be used to load a range of transport tickets: passes, single journey and multiple journey tickets. Since this is a personal card, it cannot be used by anyone else but the owner. 
  2. The MOBIB Basic card: This card cannot be used for passes (season tickets) or discounted transport tickets. Since this is an anonymous card, it can be lent to/used by various people.


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