Services accepted by the Skipr payment card


All mobility services in Europe are accepted with the Skipr payment card!

  • Public transport
  • Shared transport
  • Ride-hailing services
  • Carpooling services

For the moment, you can pay for fuel at any gas station, but recovering VAT on these payments is not possible yet. More information on this coming soon!

  • Please be aware that payments at gas stations that belong to supermarkets may be refused. To find out more, please read our article on card restrictions. 

You've come across a European mobility service that was not payable with the payment card? Let us know by sending us an email at or texting us through your dashboard or the app. It's possible that said service has not been approved yet. We'll verify the provider ourselves and we'll do the necessary!

Non-mobility related services will be refused. Skipr (and, if applicable, your mobility manager) can also double-check and refuse payments if necessary.

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