How can I buy STIB tickets?


You can buy STIB/MIVB tickets directly in the Skipr app: just go to the Menu, click on "Mobility Services" and then on "STIB".

You'll first have to add your Mobib card number to connect it to our systems.


Your Mobib card number (19 digits) is displayed here, depending on if it's a Basic or a Personal Mobib card.



You will then be able to buy the tickets you need: 



Once you’ve purchased your tickets, these will be transferred onto your MOBIB card,  and you'll be able to use them, with some side notes:
  1. When using the metro, the purchased tickets will be usable 24 hours after purchase. Simply pass your Mobib card on the gates' validators in metro stations to open them.
  2. When using tram or buses, it can go up to 96 hours before the purchased tickets are available at bus & tram validators (by passing your Mobib card on them to access them).

If you wish to use them sooner, simply use a GO vending machine to transfer your tickets to your card, 24 hours after having purchased them through the Skipr app.

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